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Neo MAME32 Plus!

Neo MAME32 hardware simulator. Designed to protect the digital functioning of the game rooms, the MAME project has been updating for more than 20 years.

Protect back

The loss of a physical hardware box is specifically designed to run some programs, all hardware and softwareSecurity that is lost in time. MAME is supposed to solve this loss by replicating (usually land) using hardware emulator. Neo MAME32 is a variety of open source, add graphic user interface makes itIt’s easier for someone to jump and care for gumana.Habang, rather than playing in a real game is the main neo MAME32, no choice. There are thousands of hardware pieces and emulate a huge gaming collection, MAME is a collection of technical ones than the saemulator is fully functional. Despite this, a user interface is providedIs focused on providing a large number of customers and large openings in large projects.

Technical Details

NeoMAME32 provides an easy way to understand the huge MAME. To imitate a game can be a very simple way, and therefore this simulator is not a choice of action.

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