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Collage Maker 3

Collage made for special occasions, celebration and commemoration is a great idea, which is really a simple program like: Collage Maker.

In fact, it makes Collage Maker seriously Auto Collage: all you have to do is add a selection of photos that you want to select a collage effect and click Create.Before you know it, you have a beautiful collage that you can solve more if needed, and then export, e-mail, or print a form.

With the end in a way that you can create your Collage MakerNo, you can change images, background colors, add text or rich variety of fun. You can save your collage before the Lao Sin, and certain documents to help in case you get examplesstuck.

Unfortunately, some of the basic features Collage Maker is slightly sticky. Many of the models are ugly downright, while the interface is outdated. Improved form Collapses Stamp Maker is one of the main attractions of this,But that feature is not very easy to use.

However Collage Maker CollageMaker Starting point: to use and affect many templates is that you put your image in Flash easy.

Collage was a good and easy way to makehomemade collages.


Troubleshooting can affect users outside North America doEstados

collage Maker supports the following formats


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